Perform Better with Tuners, Chips, and Power Programmers

Perform Better with Tuners, Chips, and Power Programmers

Tuners, chips, and Power Programmers are a great way to increase horsepower and torque and make your vehicle perform to its capabilities. Program your vehicles computer to recognize new modifications you have made, set your car for high octane gas instead of the lower octane that the factory settings are tuned for, set your cooling fans to come on sooner... Dont let the conservative tune the factory pre set into your vehicle hold you back!

How do power programmers work? A power programmer typically connects to your vehicle via the OBDII port (that plug under your steering column). Once plugged in, the unit can power itself from the OBDII port and it reads your vehicles information. Once it performs a compatibility check, you're ready to work. Typically, most power programmers will download your factory ecu program and then replace it with a modified program that was written by the manufacturer of the programmer.

Most power programmers have multiple tunes in them that you can choose between, written to optimize the vehicle for a certain octane of fuel, fuel economy gains, towing, etc. They achieve these gains by modifying fuel curves, changing shift patterns, modifying timing and spark advances, as well as several other aspects of the computer program. Many power programmers, such as the Diablosport, have a custom parameters section in them as well where you can modify tire and wheel sizes, calibrate speedometers, alter shift points and pressure, change the cooling fan temperature settings, etc.

The typical time to download and store a factory program and upload a modified tune is a couple of minutes or less. The process is very simple and even an amateur with little automotive knowledge can install a basic modified tune.

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