MaxTrac Suspension Lift Kits for Toyota

MaxTrac Suspension

Whether you're looking to lift, level, or lower your vehicle, MaxTrac Suspension offers competitively priced suspension components for your truck or SUV. What sets MaxTrax apart from the rest? First, whether you're looking to level your truck, jack it up, or drop it, MaxTrac makes several different components for each vehicle they support. MaxTrac Suspension offers MaxTrac Lift Spindles and MaxTrac Leveling Kits will give you extra height to clear those larger tires and wheels. MaxTrac Lowering Kits will give you the lowered look you're craving while maintaining factory ride quality.

Bolo Motorsports added MaxTrac Suspension to their lineup because more and more customers began asking for MaxTrac Suspension Components. MaxTrac has built up a reputation for offering quality lift kits and lowering kits at great prices. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, your MaxTrac Suspension Kit will serve you for as long as you own your vehicle.