Snow Performance Safe Injection

Save Injection from Snow Performance is a system that reduces boost / timing in certain situations to protect your engine in conjunction with a Snow Performance Methanol Kit. Safe Injection allows you to take full advantage of the power gains possible with a water/methanol Injection kit by protecting your engine. If you are running a very aggressive setup and run out of water/methanol for example, the Snow Performance Safe Injection unit will kick in and protect your engine by reducing boost or timing. The Snow Performance Safe Injection Model also features the following: An adjustable alarm set point with new electronics. 1. Fully adjustable alarm set point with new electronics .
2. The ability to Retard Timing: Able to integrate with MSD, J&S Safeguard, and other popular aftermarket ignitions.
3. Additional Solenoids are available that work in conjunction with this unit to open waste gates or bypass valves to reduce boost.
4. Monitors real time water/methanal flow, which can be displayed (if gauge is purchased separately or if you have a stage 3 system with a digital controller).
5. Features an overflow alarm for leak detection.