BLACK Header and Exhaust Wrap 2000 Degrees

Born from Heatshield Products' already superior exhaust wrap, Heatshield Products has taken insulation to the next level by adding a high quality ceramic color coating. Not only does this Color Header / Exhaust Wrap give your vehicle that custom look, but it also protects your components from heat. The ceramic coating increases the life of the exhaust wrap by as much as 3 times versus standard exhaust wraps! Using this Color Exhaust Wrap means better looks AND better performance. Exhaust Wrap helps maintain hotter exhaust gases, decrease the density, and also forces the exhaust gas to exit the system faster! Greater exhaust scavenging is produced and lowers intake temperatures... this means safer cooler components and more horsepower. Our color exhaust wrap can easily withstand 1200 degrees F continuous and as much as 2000 degrees F intermittent.

Your Color Header and Exhaust Wrap can be fastened with Thermal-Ties (Sold Separately), hose clamps, or even wire. 

*Withstands up to 1200 degrees F continuous and 2000 degrees F intermittent
*Increases horsepower for reasons noted above
*Significantly Reduces under hood temperatures
*Protects other engine components
*All rolls 1/16" thick and ceramic coated. 

This roll of heat shielding wrap is 1 inch wide and 25 feet long. It can be cut to any length and affixed fast and easily with thermal ties, hose clamps, or even wire.