CST Performance Suspension / Lift Kits for Toyota

CST Suspension Lift Kits for Trucks/SUVs

If you're looking to lift your truck, CST Suspension has a solution for you. CST Suspension knows that there are many different buyers of lift kits, so they offer everything from minor 1-2" lifts all the way up to 10-12" truck lift kits for the serious off roader. CST's suspension systems are based on superior design and engineering, and they utilize the strongest and best components available. You will find that CST suspension systems include an extensive array of fasteners, brackets, bushings, bump stops, and spacers which are used to assemble the kit components into a solid, durable performance lift system. Your kit will be a truly complete system, coming with everything you need. CST could cut corners like some of the other guys, by leaving out some or all of this critical installation hardware, but that is not California Supertruck's style. Every CST suspension includes precisely what you will need to achieve proper and safe installation. CST fasteners are grade 8 or stronger, and are zinc or gold irradiate plated for corrosion resistance. When upper control arms are used, greasable urethane bushings are used for tight, responsive suspension action. Urethane droop and/or bump stop limiters are used in most applications to allow full suspension travel without contact between components. Using a CST Performance Suspension system will help you understand our belief that fine tuning or upgrading a suspension can be an entertaining and worthwhile endeavor.