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White LED Wheel Light Rings (Set of 4) / LED Car Rim Lights by Oracle

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LED Wheel Light Rings (Set of 4) by Oracle are a great way to grab attention to those nice wheels you put on your vehicle! Also referred to as LED Rim Lights by some, Oracle LED Wheel Lights mount on the back of your brake assembly around the brake rotor dust shield. These fit on vehicles with up to a 15" Rotor (most vehicles). The ring can be enlarged to fit up to a 17" Rotor for an additional fee above. Most small cars can easily use the standard size and will have room to spare. To be safe you can measure your brake rotor from edge to edge. Oracle Wheel kits are exterior rated for both heat and water and will last under the stress of being in your wheel well unlike some of the cheap alternatives. Their universal design allows them to fit on virtually any vehicle. All required mounting hardware (including a switch) and instructions are included in the kit. Sold as a complete set of 4 pieces one kit is enough to do your entire vehicle. Available in several colors (choose above) as well as a color changing kit with a remote control (Extra Charge). The diameter of each ring is 15.5" (can be enlarged to 17.5" above for an additional charge) The part number for these Oracle WHITE Wheel Lights is 4215-001