Vision X

11" XPR 10-Watt Light Bar 6 LED Spot Optics for Xtreme DISTANCE by Vision X

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The Vision X 14" long XPR-6 features Prime Drive Technology, a narrow beam pattern that offers you great distance with little spread to the beam, and black aluminum housing. The XPR-6 comes standard with an extended warranty, and multi-volt 9-32V DC input. This light weighs 4.63 pounds and offers multiple mounting options. Coming with Prime Drive for enhanced reliability & output and our new 10watt LED’s this light has an extraordinary light output.


10w LEDS

Dual Mounting Standard

Long Distance Projection

New Generation LED is Driven to 90% Efficiency

Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)

Enhanced Optics Optimize distance and Depth

The part number for this item is Vision X 9891613 / XPR-6