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1157 High Intensity LED Replacement Bulb (Single) by Oracle

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These High Intensity LED Replacement Bulbs are the brightest LED replacement bulbs we sell. Featuring high intensity 3 chip 5050 SMD technology (most of the cheaper competition uses 1 chip which is much dimmer, these LED Replacement bulbs have a 100,000 hour lifetime, a 360 degree viewing angle (when you only have LEDs on the top and not on the sides of an LED bulb it has a very narrow lighting effect that leaves you disappointed), and a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. 18 Total LEDs are on the bulb. They also use a fraction of the power of a traditional filament bulb and put out virtually no heat. These High Intensity LED Replacement bulbs are a plug and play replacement for bulbs sized 1157. Sold individually . Please consult your vehicle owners manual if you are not sure which size bulbs you need. Due to the fact that LEDs use much less power than regular bulbs, if you are using this bulb in a turn signal it will "hyper flash" unless you use load equalizers.