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15" Flexible LED Strips (Pair) by Oracle Lighting

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This pair of 15" Flexible LED Strips by Oracle Lighting are perfect for custom vehicle lighting jobs. Bright, Flexible, Durable, and best of all, these strips can be cut to any length (you lose what you cut). These strips are waterproof and rated for interior or exterior use. The 3M adhesive back makes application a breeze. Wiring is a simple 2 wire hookup (12v+ and 12v-). We've seen these strips put along bed rails in trucks, behind grilles, under hoods, in trunks, along door sills, you name it. Check out a video demo by clicking the tab above. 3805-001 3805-002 3805-003 3805-004 3805-005 3805-007 3805-009 3805-333