1999-2006 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 V6 2WD Maxtrac Suspension Complete Lift Kit 5" Front 3" Rear Lift

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1999-2006 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 2WD
V6 Models Only

Complete Lift Kit
5" Front 3" Rear Lift
MaxTrac Front and Rear Shocks Included
Part # MaxTrac K880953-6
If you're looking for a simple lift for your truck and still have it be a daily driver, this MaxTrac Suspension Lift Kit is a great kit for you. The front of the truck is lifted with new spindles and lift coils. MaxTrac Spindles are cast from Ductile Iron, using an identical process of manufacturing is responsible for the spindles currently on your vehicle. MaxTrac Spindles meet and exceed factory specifications so you know you’re using a safe and reliable product. Every set of MaxTrac Spindles is e-coated for corrosion protection and a clean look and is backed by a lifetime warranty. USA Made MaxTrac Lift Coils finish off the front lift. The rear of the truck is lifted with new lift blocks and extended u-bolts. Made from Ductile Iron Construction and angled for pinion correction, Maxtrac Lift Blocks are a fast and effective way to lift the rear of your truck. Longer U-bolts are included with the kit for a fast and easy installation. MaxTrac Shocks are also included. Maxtrac Suspension has designed a line of affordable and reliable Twin-tube Shocks that are a perfect solution when you need to use a modified length shock after altering your ride height. Manufactured using a gas pressurized twin-tube design, the MaxTrac Shock has a larger diameter piston to provide better dampening and rebound when compared to oe shocks. Engineered with pre-set damping, MaxTrac Shocks will provide more than capable handling during both normal and performance driving situations.