2002-2003 Ford F-250 F-350 (7.3 Diesel Auto Trans) BullyDog 4 Position Chip

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Take control of your diesel truck with the 4 Position Chip by BullyDog. This chip is designed to increase horsepower and torque in your 2002-2003 Ford F250 / F350 (7.3 Diesel Models) with automatic transmissions. Once you complete the fast and easy installation, you'll be able to adjust between 4 different settings on the fly with a simple turn of the dial. Thanks to BullyDog's industry deading tuning, the Bully Dog 4 Position Chip runs the lowest exhaust gas temperatures in the industry, typically running 50 to 100 degrees cooler than the competition. These performance modules / Chips are designed to increase horsepower while keeping your EGTs under control. Additionally you'll experience better efficiency / fuel economy, improved shifting, and the speed limiter will be removed. BullyDog Chip Modes/Settings:
High Idle: Increased idle rpm (great for cold weather starting)
+50hp, Adds 30-50 horsepower and increased torque.
+75 hp, Adds 50-75 horsepower and increased torque.
+100 hp. Adds 75-125 horsepower and increased torque. The part number for this item is 41108 and it fits 2002-2003 Ford F250 / F350 (7.3 Diesel Models) with an automatic transmission.