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2005-2007 Dodge Magnum Oracle Halo Headlights (Complete Assemblies) BLACK

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Oracle Halo Head Light Assemblies are the perfect solution for your vehicle. Oracle takes a set of brand new Depo OEM Style Head Lights and installs a set of halo lights in them. You'll enjoy the great looks of halo lights while avoiding most of the extremely tedious installation process. In many cases buying these entire assemblies works out to be less than what a shop would charge to install halo rings into your existing lights and buy the rings! The part number for this item is 7027-001 and this PAIR of new Head lights fits 2005-2007 Dodge Magnum models. 7156-001 7156-002 7156-003 7156-004 7156-005 7156-007 7156-333 7156-051 7156-052 7156-053 7156-054 7156-055