2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT High Output Nitrous Oxide System

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If our standard street nitrous kits aren’t enough power for you, this is just the system you need. Designed specifically for Ford Modular 3V engines, this easy to install kit features jets to allow tuning from 100-250 horsepower. The kit also features our patented electronic TPS switch that reliably activates the system at wide-open throttle, perfect for the Mustang’s throttle-by-wire technology. Even with the high output of this kit, it still can be installed on a stock Mustang in only a couple of hours using basic hand tools. Specs:

* Adjustable from 100-250 horsepower
* High-flow nitrous and fuel solenoids for maximum power potential
* Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel flow as bottle pressure varies - so you’re never too rich or too lean The part number for this item is 82242 and it fits 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT models.