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2005-2010 Hummer H3 SMD LED Halo Fog Light Kit by Oracle

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**Please note, this item is NOT a complete new assembly. Installing Fog Light halos on your vehicle will require baking your EXISTING Foglight assembly to open it. Please view our installation video by clicking the tab above before purchasing to make sure you are comfortable with this process. SMD Halo Kits by Oracle Lighting are taking the automotive aftermarket by storm. Installing a SMD Halo Light Kit on your vehicle will instantly change the entire appearance of your vehicle, especially at night. Oracle Halo Kits are of top quality. USA Made, No Inverter is required. Connect directly to 12V Source, such as your parking lights, for automatic operation or wire them to a switch for manual control. Oracle SMD LED Halo Kits use a rigid PCB with hundreds of leds on it, meaning the halo rings will not break and the light shines directionally forward. The rings have an industrial grade self adhesive backing, so they easily install inside the FogLight (once you complete the much more difficult process of opening your FogLight assembly). Approx. 100,000 hour lifetime. This LED Halo Light Kit fits 2005-2010 Hummer H3 models and comes with the halo rings for both Fog Lights . Headlight halos are NOT included and are sold separately. Professional installation is recommended. If planning to install these yourself, please watch the install video to make sure you are comfortable with the process of baking and opening your foglights before purchasing. 1135-001 White 1135-002 Blue 1135-003 Red 1135-004 Green 1135-005 Amber 1135-006 Yellow 1135-007 UV/Purple 1135-009 Pink 1135-333 ColorSHIFT