Air Lift

2005-2011 Acura MDX, 2005-2015 Honda Odyssey, 2005-2009 Honda Pilot Air Lift 1000 Load Assist Rear Suspension Leveling / Air Bag Kit

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Air Lift 1000 kits are air bag/air spring kits that are designed to easily and affordably keep your vehicle level and your ride quality smooth regardless of what you’re hauling, or the quality of roads you are driving on. This means better braking, steering, headlight aim, reduced sway and bottoming out. When carrying a heavy load, simply add some air to the Air Lift springs/bags, and that sagging load is now level. Simply remove the air when you’re done hauling (takes seconds), to return to normal ride height. When you order your Air Lift 1000 kit, you’ll receive everything you need to install the Air Lift 1000 kit on your vehicle. No additional parts are required. You can expect to spend an hour or less installing your new Air Lift 1000 kit. Most enthusiasts will be able to easily install the Air Lift 1000 kit themselves. Be sure to view our Video Demo for a quick demonstration. A pair of easy to install pressurized air bags/springs that provide a load leveling capacity of up to 1000 pounds are included. Designed to work together, the pair of air bags/springs will support the rear of your vehicle, offering a smooth and level ride. All brackets, air lines, fittings, hardware, and instructions are included. Some users choose to purchase the Air Lift On Board Compressor (sold separately on our website as an optional accessory), so their vehicle levels automatically. The part number for this Air Lift 1000 kit is 60815 and it fits 2005-2011 Acura MDX, 2005-2015 Honda Odyssey, 2005-2009 Honda Pilot models.