2007-2010 Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 Zex Nitrous Oxide Kit

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ZEX has developed an innovative wet nitrous system for the dual throttle body engine in 2007 and newer 350Zs that can add anywhere from 75 to 100 hp. ZEX electronics use the vehicle’s throttle by wire system to activate the nitrous at wide-open throttle, and Active Fuel Control Technology adjusts fuel enrichment with variations in bottle pressure, so you’re never too rich or too lean. * Power settings are fully adjustable from 75 to 100 horsepower with supplied tuning jets; perfect for mild to wild performance
* Hoses, wires, & fuel line adapter are custom designed for the 2007-2010 370Z
* Designed for a plug & play installation on 370Z dual throttle body engines The part number is 82238 and it fits 2007-2010 Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 models.