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2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler BOLT JEEP Spare Tire Lock (Mates w/ Ignition Key)

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BOLT Spare Tire Locks for JEEPs are a step above other spare tire locks and other wheel lug nut locks. BOLT Series Locks are designed to work with your EXISTING vehicle key. Inside every BOLT Lock is an automotive grade lock cylinder waiting to be mated to your existing vehicle key. The first time you insert YOUR JEEP key into your new BOLT Series Lock, special spring loaded plate tumblers match to your existing vehicle key. Your BOLT Lock now will only open with your existing JEEP key. No more extra keys to lose or bulking up your key ring! Bolt JEEP Spare Tire Lock Features:
Auto-Return Spring Automatically Locks When Key is Removed.

Stainless Steel Threaded Lug Nut Pin For Strength and Durability

BOLT Locks feature an automotive grade stainless steel lock shutter to keep weather and debris out.

BOLT Locks feature a 6 plate tumbler sidebar prevents picking and bumping, helping keep potential thieves at bay.

BOLT Locks feature a rugged jacket that protects your gear from scratches and dings.

BOLT Locks feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty The part number for this item is BOLT 5922986 and it mates with most JEEP Keys.
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