2013-2014 Infinti Q50 QX50 Q60 Q70 3.7 V6 CARB Approved Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner/ Programmer

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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas: Tuner - Performance Gauges - Monitor - Economy - Driving Coach -
50 State Legal - CARB Approved!

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT is an all in one; adjustable tuner, gauge, safety monitor and driving coach. The Triple Dog Gas adds horsepower, torque, and economy. The Triple Dog GT Gas offers horsepower gains of up to 30 horsepower and torque in its most aggressive setting (using 91 octane or higher fuel)! If you choose to use 87 octane fuel, you can still achieve gains of up to 15 horsepower.

As a gauge it allows the user to monitor over 20 vehicle functions and parameters in real time. As a driving coach, the Triple Dog GT Gas will give the user real time driving advice in order to maximize fuel economy. With the help of the coach, some users are reporting gains of as high as 20%*.

Triple Dog GT Gas Features at a glance:
• driving coach software
• Multiple power tunes optimized for hp / torque, or economy
• read and erase check engine lights
• speed limiter removal***
• rev limiter adjustments***
• calibrate speedometer for tire/wheel changes***
• vehicle specific tuning options***
• transmission tuning***
The Triple Dog GT Gas allows you to view the following gauges in real time:

Real time Fuel economy
Average Fuel economy
Trip Fuel economy
Coolant temperature
Manifold absolute pressure
Tachometer- engine rpm
Timing position
Air intake temperature
Mass air Flow (grams/sec.)
Throttle position
Fuel level
Battery voltage
Ambient air temperature
Transmission temperature
IPW: injection pulse Width
Oil temperature
and more!

Includes adjustable suction cup mount and a 512mb SD card for data logging. * Many Nissans have a governor which restricts the vehicle from utilizing 100% of the throttle until the vehicle reaches 40 miles per hour. Our tuner offers the ability to disable or enable the Wide Open Throttle governor. This feature is only recommended for race designated vehicles and should only be used on a sanctioned drag race or off road track. The Part Number for this item is 40410 and it fits 2013-2014 Infinti Q50 QX50 Q60 Q70 (3.7 V6 Models) Models. The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT won't let you down! You're Nissan won't be the same without it!