2014-2015 Lexus GS350 (3.5 V6 Models) AEM Cold Air Intake

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About AEM Air Intakes for Lexus: For years AEM has been at the forefront of the Audi aftermarket scene, making quality air intake systems for Lexus vehicles. AEM Lexus air intake systems offer increases in both horsepower and torque, as well as offer improvements in engine efficiency and fuel economy. Each AEM Lexus air intake system is designed vehicle specific, meaning it will bolt right into your Lexus , requiring no additional modifications or parts. You can install an AEM air intake system onto an Lexus that has never been modified without needing to do anything else. AEM Audi Air Intake Systems also will NOT void your Lexus warranty when installed correctly. AEM makes air intake systems for cars, trucks and suvs. AEM air intake systems feature AEM DryFlow air filters that are maintenance free, requiring no oil! The AEM DryFlow air filter also is 99.52% efficient, exceeding the filtration rate of most of the competition and keeping your engine cleaner. Now that you know the facts about our AEM air intake systems, isn't it time to bring your Lexus up to its potential? If you're not using an AEM intake, your Lexus may be moving, but it could be moving faster. The part number for this item is 21-806C and it fits 2014-2015 Lexus GS350 (3.5 V6 Models).