2017-2018 Ford F-250 F-350 SuperDuty 6 3/4' Bed XLT Mat Truck Bed Mat by BedRug

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The BedRug Impact Mat Truck Bed Mat is a mat that is made to cover both the truck bed and tailgate and is designed specifically for your make and model of truck. You'll enjoy a textured non-skid surface and maintain the exact shape and features of your truck bed. The Impact Mat by BedRug gives you the look and feel of a spray in liner, but with increased durability, better UV Protection (no fading), and it can be removed fast and easily if desired. It provides a rugged work surface that is durable enough to withstand impacts and dings while protecting your most fragile cargo from sliding around your truck bed. Thanks to its 1/4" thick foam construction, your knees will thank you for making this purchase each time you get into the truck bed! The The BedTred by BedRug is made of a TPO composite surface bonded to a layer of 1/4" thick foam similar to what is used in life jackets (will not absorb water and will resist mold/mildew). You can easily wash or clean it along with the rest of your truck. Designed specifically for exterior use, the Impact Mat offers ultimate truck bed protection and is resistant to staining, bleach, oil, and even battery acid! The Impact Mat will not absorb water and is impact absorbent, meaning it is easy on your knees, and your cargo. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the BedRug Impact Mat installs in only minutes without any automotive knowledge. You’ll be able to easily install the Impact Mat yourself and you can remove it just as easily.

The part number for this item is BedRug IMQ17SBS and it fits models.