Air Lift

Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit for 1994-2001 Acura Integra, 1989-2000 Honda Civic, 1989-1995 Honda CRX, 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol (1/4" Ports) - Rear Kit

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This is a REAR Kit It does NOT include a compressor.
Rear Modifications:
Trimming of upper mounts
Height Adjustment Range / Lowering Capability: Up to 4" Air Lift Performance Suspension Kits allow you to improve your handling and take complete control of your suspension. Want to have that slammed look, but still be able to drive to work? Air Lift Performance Suspension Kits give you options and are far easier to deal with than coilovers. Coilovers are harder to adjust and just don't have the same versatility as air. Go from slammed to going to work. After work, a simple adjustment makes those wheel well gaps disappear in seconds. Air Lift Performance Suspension Kits are air-over shock kits. They are designed to give you maximum performance thanks to a 9 way adjustable damping system that was previously only found on extremely high end coil overs. Don't be one of those people who destroys their undercarriage because they don't have the abilities that Air Lift kits do, not to mention the smoother ride. Air Lift Performance Suspension Kits include a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. The part number for this item is 75540 and it fits 1994-2001 Acura Integra, 1992-2000 Honda Civic, 1992-1995 Honda CRX, 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol, 1990-1997 Honda Accord (1/4" Ports). This is a REAR Kit.