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Air Lift WirelessONE On-Board Air Compressor System

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Control your air springs on the go with the convenience of Air Lift’s WirelessONE, an affordable, wireless on-board compressor system. The wireless controller allows you to inflate or deflate your air springs with a touch of a button via the included wireless remote control. You'll be able to use the wireless remote from outside the vehicle, allowing you to make adjustments in full view of the vehicle. With the touch of a button, control the pressure in your air springs (air springs are not included with this compressor system kit) using the inflate and deflate buttons. This is extremely convenient for changes in load or road conditions. If you’ve just hooked up your RV, trailer or put a load in the bed of your truck, you can inflate your air springs to the desired pressure immediately. No more searching for a gas station compressor to find air! The Air Lift WirelessONE On-Board Air Compressor System includes everything needed to install and connect your compressor system to your existing air spring kit. The kit includes a standard duty compressor, manifold, wiring harness, and wireless digital controller. The compressor mounts easily to your vehicle's frame and attaches to an air line that runs to your air springs. The integrated manifold and wiring harness help speed installation. The compact remote fits in the palm of your hand and conveniently clips to your vehicle’s visor. The wireless remote features 3 different memory settings for frequently used air pressure settings. For instance, one for your boat, one for your RV and one for your work trailer. The Air Lift WirelessONE On-Board Air Compressor System provides single path airflow for your vehicle’s air springs. This means your left and right air springs inflate and deflate simultaneously to the same pressure. The manifold is weather resistant and waterproof up to 2 ft for maximum life expectancy and harsh climates.