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BMW N54 N55 Turbo Snow Performance Stage 3 Water/Methanol Kit (Boost Controlled)

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The all new Stage 3 Boost Cooler is the only water-methanol injection system tailored to your BMW N54/N55. The Stage 3 N54 methanol injection kit creates a 2D MAP based off of boost/fuel pressure sensor voltage to deliver the most accurate and tunable water-meth delivery on the market. Taking it one step further the Stage 3 will control 2 Hyper-Sonic Nozzles independently of one another to solidly the exact amount of water-methanol is provided when the engine needs it. This 2D MAP injection results in the most accurate injection curve and tune ability of any water-methanol system giving 35+HP and 50+ increase in torque to your 3.0L BMW with out tuning! Tie this in with the industry leading Snow Performance 300 PSI UHO pump, Hypersonic Nozzles, and terminated weather tight OEM harnessed wiring connections and the Stage 3 promises to be the easiest and most effective water-methanol system tailored to your BMW N54/N55. Kit includes: 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
3 Quart Reservoir
All Tubing Necessary for Installation
Terminated Digital Variable Mapping Controller
Terminated Harness
Level Switch Upgrade
2 Nozzle Holder/Check Valve Combo
Solenoid Upgrade
3 Hyper-Sonic Nozzles
Required Hardware Needed For Installation The part number for this item is 3210 and it fits BMW N54 and N55 powered vehicles.