H11B Mirror White Halogen Headlight Bulbs by Putco 4000K (55 Watt Pair)

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H11 B bulbs are different from a regular H11 bulb. Please look at the photo above and make sure your bulb connection looks EXACTLY like the one in the photo. Mirror White Halogen Headlight Bulbs by Putco are a great solution to get rid of that dull yellowish light your factory headlight bulbs probably produce. These halogen bulbs are direct replacements for the bulbs already in your car and install in minutes. The light rating for these headlight bulbs is 4000k, which is has a White look to it. Maintaining a wattage rating comparable to your factory bulbs, Putco Headlights are safe to use with your factory wiring harnesses. Your Putco Mirror White Headlight Bulbs carry a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty and are sold as a pair. Be sure to order the correct size headlight bulbs. You can consult your vehicle owners manual, or the link below can assist you in determining what size bulbs you need if you are not sure.
Make sure you order the correct size bulbs! Consult the Application Guide to determine which bulbs you need. The part number for this item is 230011BMW and they are bulb size H11B.