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Illuminated Flush Mount Momentary Switch by Oracle Lighting

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If you're looking for a custom looking switch that also has a look of quality, you've found your solution. These flush mount momentary switches can control any 12 volt accessory(s) (up to 3 amps per switch) and feature a glowing ring around the button of the switch. Once installed, press and hold the flush mount button once to power whatever is hooked to the switch. simply let go to turn it off. Perfect for controlling a horn, nitrous systems, and more. To install this switch you'll simply drill a 5/8" hole, slide the switch into the hole, screw the metal back onto the back of the switch to hold it into place, and then connect the wires on the back of the switch. The face of the switch is 3/4". Available in the following colors: "White 1801-001" "Blue 1802-002" "Red 1806-003" "Green 1805-004" "Orange 1804-005"