Injen Air Filter Cleaning Kit / Injen Filter Recharge Kit

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The Filter Charger Kit from Injen is just what you need to keep your Injen filter flowing like new!

You don't need to clean Injen filters that often, however when they get too dirty, they can clog up and limit air flow. About every 10,000 miles, you’ll want to oil the air filter with the Injen filter oil, and after 30,000 miles, under normal driving conditions, you’ll need to clean it with the Injen cleaning solution and then re-oil.

The Injen Air Filter Cleaning Kit comes with both the filter cleaning solution and the filter oil. The cleaning solution is specially formulated, so it won’t damage the filter medium.

The filter oil contains a red dye to easily see where the oil has saturated into the filter, eliminating the common mistake of over-oiling the filter. When used correctly, Injen's filter cleaner kit can maintain the life and performance of your Injen filter for long into the future.