JetStream LED Wake Light Kits by Plasmaglow 12W (Approx 10' of Glow)

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If you want your boat to catch the eye of everyone else out on the water, this is the kit for you. This kit is a great addition to any type of watercraft, from a Seadoo all the way up to a large yacht. Not only will you greatly improve safety and visibility, you'll turn heads and and look great doing it. These high-performance, high-power Stainless Steel LED Fixtures make any watercraft the center of attention. Available in Red, White, or Blue, JetStream Wake Lights are of exceptionally high quality, appropriate for even the most extravagant boats and yachts. There is One Light Per Pack. Small watercraft like Jet Skis, will only require one. Larger Boats will want to use 2 Fixtures. The JetStream Kit will operate between 12-24V and has a simple 2-wire (+ and -) hookup to your boat. This 12W Kit will light up about 10 feet (3 meters) behind your boat. If you are interested in more glow, we do have higher wattage kits available for an additional cost.