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Lava Shield Adhesive Backed Heat Shield Mat by Heatshield Products Heavy Duty (Triple Thickness") 60" x 47"

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The Heavy Duty Lava Mat is Triple the thickness of the standard Heat Shield Lava Mat, making it more durable and even more resistant to heat! The thickness of this Lava Mat is .025". Made from crushed volcanic rock, Lava Mats have all the same benefits as our HP Heat Shield Mat, but with superior heat reflection. This heat shield insulator helps to reflect radiant heat away to provide an air box heat shield or a heat shield barrier for your carbon fiber or fiberglass hood. Lava Mat can also be laid on a fire wall to shield radiant heat and give your vehicles that trick carbon fiber look. Our Lava Mat withstands up to 1200 degrees (F) direct continuous and up to 1800 degrees (F) intermittent heat.

This Lava Mat has an adhesive backing and measures 60" x 47". It can easily be cut to any desired size. The part number is 781005