Nology ProFire Ignition Coil For 1990-2008 Yamaha V-Max 4Cyl

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The available spark voltage or Nology Profire Ignition Coils is in excess of 45,000 volts over the entire rpm range, and spark energy is equally impressive. Despite their size, the energy storage capability and power reserves of ProFire far exceed your OEM coils. ProFire coils will deliver just the kind of spark you need for maximum performance. Most users report quicker starts, smoother idle, and smoother acceleration. The part number for this item is 152-051-300 and it fits 1985-1999 Yamaha V-Max 4Cyl models. Please note that your V-Max uses 4 ignition coils. If you are looking to replace all 4 coils, you'll need to order a quantity of 4.