Nology ProFire Ignition Coil for Motorcycles (Dual Outlet 3 Ohm)

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Nology's new line of high performance ignition coils features the most impressive performance data. The application of all new technology makes these coils second to none. ProFire ignition coils are on the cutting edge of technology. In order to supply the energy needed for trouble free high performance and high rpm operation, they were especially designed to have the quickest rise time with substantial energy reserves. The available spark voltage is in excess of 45,000 volts over the entire rpm range, and spark energy is equally impressive. Despite their size, the energy storage capability and power reserves of ProFire are extra high. ProFire will deliver just the kind of spark you need for maximum performance. When the best is just good enough, use ProFire. Most users report quicker starts, smoother idle, and smoother acceleration. The part number for this item is 152-051-350. Some Nology literature refers to this coil as a PFC-30D Please note that your motorcycle may require more than one coil. Please check your bike before ordering if you are not sure how many coils you have.