Nology ProFire Ignition Coil for Triumph Motorcycles (Dual Outlet)

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Plug and Play for most Triumphs! Nology Pro Fire ignition coils are now plug and play for most Triumph bikes! (Including the America, Speedmaster Scrambler 900 and others) These Nology Ignition coils for Triumph Motorcycles deliver spark voltage is in excess of 45,000 volts over the entire rpm range, and spark energy is equally impressive resulting in improved performance and increased fuel burn. You will feel the difference! Faster starts and smoother idling can also be expected from your Triumph motorcycle. Even if you aren't craving performance, the factory Gill coils that come on the Triumph Motorcycles are notorious for their problems, and the Nology ignition coils for Triumphs are available at a lower price than the problem prone and inferior Gill coils! Please note that some Triumphs will need more than one Nology Triumph ignition coil. Take a second and check your bike before ordering. Follow your spark plug wires back to where they plug in. First, check how many coils you have. Second, check to see how many spark plug wires plug into the coil(s). If 1 plug wire go into the coil(s), then you will need a single outlet coil(s) instead and should Click Here. If two spark plug wires go into each coil(s), then you will need dual outlet coils and this is the correct coil for you. Call one of our customer service reps if you are not sure if you need more than one Triumph coil or whether your Triumph uses single or dual outlet coils..

Order more than one Nology Triumph Ignition coil and receive FREE ground shipping! The part number for this coil is 152-001-070T