Plasmaglow 4.2 Million Color SuperNova (6 Tube 520 LED) Truck / SUV Underglow Kit

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This brand new and revoluitonary Plasmaglow 4.2 Million LED Under Truck / SUV light kit is perfect for you if you're looking to blow away everyone elses sub par undercar lighting. With 520 wide angle LEDs on two 50 inch and FOUR 38 inch bulbs, and over 4.2 million colors, this Plasmaglow 4.2 Million Color kit is the Rolls Royce of LED undercar kits! Use the dash mount display to navigate through 14 different modes and patterns, including dancing to music, scanning, strobing, etc will give you every option you over could have wanted! The Plasmaglow 4.2 Million Color kit Comes with all mounting hardware, even down to the clamps and screws! Lifetime warranty. This 6 Tube Kit is made specifically for trucks or SUVs