Plasmaglow Brass Activator Premium Lighted Switch (Marine Grade / Waterproof) (Momentary)

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This Plasmaglow Brass Activator Premium Switch puts all of those plain old toggles to shame. This lit switch has a 1 inch diameter. Made of marine grade brass, the Plasmaglow Activator Premium Switch will mount almost completely flush with the mounting surface. A ring of color (available in red, white, blue, or green), lights when the switch is activated. Give your vehicle or watercraft a look of class and luxury, as well as that custom look with the Plasmaglow Activator lit Premium Switch. Press and hold activator button once power your accessory (colored ring will light up while pressing). Let go to turn accessory off (colored ring will no longer be lit.) Perfect for horns, nitrous systems, and more! Works on 12 Volts DC (up to 10 Amps), (24 Volt DC up to 5 Amps), or 110 Volts AC (up to 5 Amps). 100% waterproof, approved for use on boats and wet locations. Brass Activator Switches have an IP67 Rating. Part numbers: "Blue 11210" "Red 11211" "Green 11212" "White 11215"