Plasmaglow Color Changing Motorcycle ATV LED Light Kit (With Remote)

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Bring under-body glow to your Motorcycle or ATV!

Ultra Bright LED's are more durable than neon and easy to hide unlike the bulky old tubes of the past!
-Lightweight, flexible, and durable constuction!
-Kit will light underneath and around your bike!

Bring lighting where it’s never gone before, with PlasmaGlow Motorcycle ATV Lighting Kits! Each PlasmaGlow Color Changing Motorcycle ATV Lighting Kit contains everything you need to add style to your Motorcycle or ATV, as well as highlight your modifications or special parts. Included are 4 waterproof wide-angle flexible LED tubes (2 six inch and 2 twelve inch) that are designed to provide a glow under your Motorcycle or ATV, on the asphalt or off. Thanks to the special wider angle LEDs inside these tubes, no matter how low your bike sits, you'll still be able to achieve a nice glow. Also included are four color changing Extreme LEDs, which can be used to highlight your bike components. The kit is controlled by the included remote control. Every part of this PlasmaGlow Motorcycle ATV Lighting Kit is lightweight and durable to withstand the hazards of a low slung or off-road bike, including rocks, water and mud. All necessary installation hardware, remote, wiring, and instructions are included.