Plasmaglow FX 4500 Professional Series Emergency Headlight Strobe System 100w (Includes Color Sleeves)

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These 100w Emergency Grade Strobes are Truly Blinding! If you've been looking for the a powerful strobe light setup, look no more. Most of the strobe kits on the market are dim, cheap, and boring. This kit is truly blinding, and is professional quality. This is the same style kit that is used on emergency vehicles across the world. The strobe light kit comes with 4 bulbs, so you can either do both headlights and both taillights, or some people put all 4 bulbs in the headlight for an even more blinding effect! Just who buys this kit from us? Tow Truck Drivers, Snow Plowers, Construction Workers, People entering car shows, Limo and Bus Companies, etc. The PlasmaGlow unit comes with 4 "U" shaped strobes), the amplifier and controller box, and everything else you need to bring blinding 100w strobe power to your vehicle! You can use the included color sleeves to make your strobes red, blue, amber, or leave them white. Each bulb has a foot lead on it and 2 ten foot extension leads are also included for customers with large trucks or suvs that want to install 2 of the strobes inside their tail lights.