Plasmaglow Lightning Eyes LED Headlight Strip Kit (Pair)

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PlasmaGlow Lightning Eyes are the hottest way to give your vehicle the unique look you are after. This slim flexible 19 inch strip is specifically designed to bring the popular new style of LED running lights found on high-end Audi vehicles to your car and can be cut to any length. These unique LED Strips shine at an angle 90 degrees off the surface, so they can be mounted in thin places and the light will show out the side. When mounted under your headlight, this thin flexible strip is invisible while it is turned off, but features extremely bright LEDs when your vehicle is on. The 19 inch strips can be cut to length to fit any headlight housing perfectly. They are simply mounted with super thin 3M adhesive and can also be used on door panels and gauge clusters. At less than 1/16" Thin, they can fit anywhere. FITS ALL VEHICLES – 2 PER PACK 10870 Blue 10871 Red 10875 White 10876 Pink 10874 Purple 10878 Amber