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PSX (26 Watt 650 Lumens) Plasma SMD DRL / Fog Light Bulbs (White) by Oracle (Pair)

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Plasma SMD DRL / Fog Light Bulbs by Oracle are a great addition to your vehicle. No more of that dull yellow glow like your oem/factory DRLs or fog lights emit. Oracle's Plasma SMD Fog Light and DRL bulbs emit a bright, pure white light. They also emit only a small fraction of the heat and take up only a fraction of the energy that your factory equipped bulbs use. Their plug and play installation is simple for even the most novice automotive customer. The price above is for a pair of these PSX Plasma DRL / Fog Light Bulbs. Each bulb features 7.5 Watt Plasma SMDs. Output is 650 lumens.