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Radiance LED Light Pods w/ Amber Backlight by Rigid Industries

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Radiance LED Light Pods by Rigid Industries are the perfect solution for the enthusiast who wants Rigid's superior light output and quality, but doesn't want to shell out for one of the more expensive D or D2 lights. The Radiance light pod is built using the exact same high-grade aluminum allow housing as the D-Series Duallys and D2s. Don't let the price fool you. While these are priced a lot lower, at 900 lumens per light, their light output is still blinding. This output, combined with Rigid's forward projecting broad spot optics (combines the best of the flood and spot patterns) results in more usable light. Rigid Radiance LED Pods feature back lighting that is unique to the Radiance line of Rigid Light Pods. The backlighting is controlled separately from the LEDs on the light bar and is wired separately (or you can add the Multi-Trigger Wiring Harness above for an additional charge). The part number for this item is Rigid Industries 20204.