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Rigid Industries AMBER Driving Pattern D2 LED Light (Pair)

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Rigid Industries D Series D2 LED Lights are one of the most popular and most versatile LED Lights on the market today for good reason. Rigid Industries D2 LED Lights produce extremely high output with minimal battery drain. Their compact size and shape don’t sacrifice light output and allow the Rigid D2 LED Lights to fit almost anywhere and also be used for virtually any lighting application.

Rigid Industries D Series D2 LED Lights feature patented hybrid optics that the competition simply doesn’t have. They make for the most powerful and efficient optics system around. The lenses are virtually indestructible and are scratch resistant. They combine technology of not only the LEDs, but also the lens and reflector for maximum performance. Over sized heat sinks keep temperature down and your lights operating perfectly even over long periods of time.

Your Rigid Industries D2 LED Lights come with a wiring harness, switch, mounting bracket and hardware.

Each light boasts a blinding 3030 lumens while only drawing 2.5 amps and 34.5 watts to power the 6 high powered AMBER LEDs inside the light.

The part number for this item is Rigid Industries 50232