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Rigid Industries E Series 10" INFRARED LED Flood Light Bar

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Rigid E-Series LED Light Bars are the perfect solution for the customer who wants powerful, bright, and reliable light. Rigid's patented Hybrid optical system continues to lead the field in efficiency and projection. This patent is one of my reasons that the competition simply doesn't stand up to the quality and performance of Rigid E-Series LED Light Bars. By using the latest Cree and Osram LEDs, USA Made Rigid E-Series lights project more than twice the amount of light at the same power. Top it off with the fact that Rigid LED Lights come with a lifetime warranty and the choice is clear. The new Rigid Industries LED Lighting IR E-Series lights use special configurations and optics to provide a high powered, stealthy IR light source. The IR E-Series produces a beam of energy at 940 nanometers, which is considered invisible energy. Therefore enhancing night vision ability for military personnel, public safety, and security services using this IR Technology. Get your IR E-Series so you can see them before they can see you. The part number for this item is 110392.
This is an INFRARED 10" LED Light Bar
Current @ 14Vdc = 3.28
Raw LED MW Output = 19,800
e-lm Output = 7,920
e-cd = 206,968