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Rigid Industries SR-M Pro LED Flood Light

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Rigid Single Row Mini (SR-M) Series LED Lights are the perfect solution for the customer who wants powerful, bright, and reliable light, but needs it in a compact package. The SR-M LED Light uses a single row of LEDs (the same LEDs that are found in the Rigid D Series LED Lights).

At 3" Wide and 1.75" Tall, this LED Light packs a serious punch for its size! 1584 Lumens, 15 watts and only a 1.07 amp draw to be exact. Rigid's patented Hybrid optical system continues to lead the field in efficiency and projection. This patent is one of my reasons that the competition simply doesn't stand up to the quality and performance of Rigid SR-M Series LED Lights. By using the latest Cree and Osram LEDs, USA Made Rigid SR-M Series LED Lights project more than twice the amount of light at the same power. Top it off with the fact that Rigid LED Light Bars come with a lifetime warranty and the choice is clear.

The part number for this item is Rigid Industries 902113