Volant Air Filter Cleaning Kit

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The Volant Air Filter Cleaning Kit is specially created to ensure your Volant air filter and intake system are performing at their peak levels. While protecting and enhancing your engine’s performance, the Volant Air Filter traps gobs of dust, dirt and debris.

About every 10,000 miles, you’ll want to oil the air filter with the Volant filter oil, and after 30,000-50,000 miles, under normal driving conditions, you’ll need to clean it with the Volant cleaning solution and then re-oil. The Volant Air Filter Cleaning Kit comes with both the filter cleaning solution and the filter oil. The cleaning solution is specially formulated, so it won’t damage the filter medium. The performance oil is a breeze to apply and features a blue tinted dye, so it’s easy to see where the oil has saturated the filter.

The Volant Air Filter Cleaning Kit will typically yield 3 thorough cleanings.

The part number for this cleaning kit is 5100 (blue filters) or 5110 (red filters).