Zex LS1, LS2, LS6 High Output Nitrous System

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Tunable from 100-250 hp, the new ZEX nitrous system includes innovative Fuel Shear Technology and Active Fuel Control The ZEX GM Gen III (LS1, -2, -6) High Output Nitrous System is the most advanced nitrous oxide system you can buy, specifically made for the popular Gen III engine platform. Incorporating such engineering advances as Fuel Shear Technology and the ZEX -patented Active Fuel Control , the new Gen III system powerfully and safely adds between 100 and 250 additional engine horsepower. A complete, plug and play kit that includes everything you need to easily install the system in just 2-3 hours, the ZEX Gen III High Output Nitrous System uses Fuel Shear Technology, which injects enrichment fuel directly into the nitrous plume for better atomization. The system also features a patented TPS switch for perfect activation of the nitrous at wide-open throttle. Additional technology includes ZEX Active Fuel Control , which keeps fuel enrichment perfect, regardless of nitrous bottle pressure. Best of all, this kit and its advanced technology have been specifically designed to work perfectly with GM Gen III engine systems for the best efficiency and ultimate performance.