Zex Nitrous Kit for Chevy LS1, LS2, LS6, LS7 Engines

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The LSX Nitrous System is specifically fuel tuned for GM’s LSX engines (LS1, -2, -6, -7). These engines use higher fuel pressures (58psi) and have noticeable power increases when custom jetted. In addition to optimized jet tuning, this kit also includes an extra long 18 ft. nitrous feed line from the bottle. This is nearly 2 feet longer than most universal kits, but it gives you the extra length needed for installing the nitrous bottle deep in an F-body chassis trunk if needed. Specs:

* Adjustable from 75 to 175 horsepower
* Extra long nitrous feed line for easy installation in all F-bodied vehicles
* ZEX electronics use the vehicle’s TPS sensor to activate the nitrous system only at wide-open throttle