Zex Race Diesel Nitrous System (Twin Bottle Systtem 2 Stages)

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Zex Race Diesel Nitrous System- 50-600 additional horsepower two stage system. Fits all 2001 and Newer Diesel Trucks. Boost activation, two stages, twin 10 lb. cylinders… the ultimate nitrous system for your diesel powerhouse Performance enthusiasts know the potential of nitrous oxide injection systems to generate big horsepower gains. For diesel engines, the installation of a ZEX Race Diesel Nitrous System adds power by helping you burn all the additional fuel you add with performance programming, upgraded fuel injectors and high flow injector pumps. Additional benefits include reduced exhaust gas and air inlet temperatures. The ZEX system activates electronically at wide open throttle with our patented TPS switch. In tandem with this TPS switch is a boost pressure switch that perfectly times the nitrous injection with engine load. To control tire spin, the ZEX system also lets you add power in two separate, independently controlled stages. Additionally, two 10 lb. nitrous cylinders are used to minimize power robbing pressure drop and maximize horsepower. The ZEX Race Diesel Nitrous System is a complete kit that includes everything needed for an easy, plug and play, 3 hour installation. The kit includes two 10 lb. nitrous bottles, brackets, electronic throttle and boost activation switches, as well as all the plumbing and electrical connectors.